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Bonfire Night

Our 2018 Big Bonfire will be held on Saturday 3rd November – we’ll be lighting the bonfire at 5pm and be serving delicious homemade soup and goodies in the tearoom to keep you warm

We’ve got piglets!

Finally, on Friday 21st September Jess decided the time had come for her piglets to be born – she built a beautiful nest from all her straw and produced 14 gorgeous piglets – Well done Jess, we are very proud of you 🙂

Rehoming Claude :)

We had great success hatching our ducklings this year and named our latest addition Claudia, in the hope that ‘she’ would be able to join the gang here at Briarlands. Unfortunately ‘she’ turned out to be a ‘he’ and, handsome as he is, we were unable to keep him with his father!

Following a Facebook request, Hollie and Scott have come to our rescue and here you can see Claude meeting his two lady friends for the first time – actually the first time Claude has set eyes on another duck since his best pal up until now was a wee cockerel – thankyou Hollie and Scott, we hope your wee duck menagerie will grow and prosper!